Architecture as a seed

We sowed seeds of new, undiscovered plants, which were brought by migrating birds from faraway lands. We didn’t know what will grow out of them. We seeded them singing, whispering and expecting for a miracle. And they grew into a wonderful community, a bunch of magic moments and some new occasions. Rumours about the seeds, sown in a remote Lithuanian village, circled around the world, reached USA, China and other distant countries. Now everyone is talking about a choreographic flock of birds, which is singing, dancing and changing the world.

The birds are gathering for a seeding time again. Do you feel a bird within yourself?

2016 Workshop video

About the workshop

Architecture workshop “Constructive Shamanism” is aiming to represent professional architecture in a rural context and provoke a dialogue between architecture professionals and local communities. During one week workshop, expressive small scale architectural structures are being built in a contribution of foreign architects, workshop participants and local communities. Connection among people is nurtured by common outdoor living routine and collective work.

“Constructive” side of the workshop is represented by well known professional architects. The word “shamanism” stands for other processes taking place on a site during the construction. It includes singing, dancing, food and tea rituals, creative activities and other rites, which create a warm, positive atmosphere and nurture community feeling.

2016 Workshop moments


Estonian architect Vilen Kunnapu is coming back to Lithuania together with his son, painter August Kunnapu. Both artists are fond of bright colours, so the motif of colours will be a part of all workshop activities.

Construction of objects created by Vilen Kunnapu, painting together with August Kunnapu, lecture by painter and ethnologist Virginijus Kašinskas, introduction to specifics of Žemaitija region, Vytautas V. Landsbergis’ music and movies, almost never-ending music improvisation workshops and relaxing authetic dances in the evenings – are in the programme. And, of course, much more – expect for surprises every day!

This year the birds are invited together with their nestlings – createive activities for kids will take place in safe kid zones.


A unique Lithuanian region Žemaitija will be home for the workshop this year. It is claimed that last pagans of Europe lived here. According to some sources, because of the stubborn character of the locals, the christening of Žemaitija practically lasted until 19th century. Some sacred places remain here since pagan times; the most impressive of them, Lopaičiai, is called a Lithuanian Stonehenge. It has some magic springs and dolmens (burials of the prophets).

The workshop will be held in Vincentavas village, in a farm besides Laukė river where “Laukupė republic” creative home is located. The owner of the creative home Vilma is passionate about art therapy, painting, ceramics, wool felting and welcomes all local people for these creative activities.